Love is…

I’ll tell you what love can do – comfortable, society approved or twisted and wild, Love can wake up my creative soul. It can let out these sick thoughts and create poetry. It can extract these vibrant dreams and turn them into colourful pictures. Pictures without frames, cryptic even for those who think they know me.

If you’ve been self-divided in some way, you’ll understand how this can destroy entire flow of thoughts, entire person, entire generation even. To follow your life path, your passions and turn them into a profession is something we, modern people admire, right? Well just imagine being between knowing what’s right for you and what’s important for everyone else, what’s important in terms of society appropriate job. You end up doing one job you hate your whole life, or many jobs, leaving the thoughts in the others that you are “searching for yourself…”  Even now I wonder- who am I?

This painful self-division destroys my intuition, my inner confidence but feeds my blank page. And I wonder between these creative implosions, was I alive? Was I, myself creating nothing, just breathing, coping, imitating normality? Imitating sanity?

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