Who I am?

who i am?

My name is Radost Dimitrova and I am an artist originally from Bulgaria, currently living in the United Kingdom. I have been drawing all my life, for as long as I can recall and decided to dedicate my life to art. In my art you can find from cute sweet illustrations, filled with light to dark experimental pieces, a duality that is also a staple for most human beings in my opinion. Supported in every step I make by my partner, we as a team created Catwell ART. And Catwell ART is our living, breathing dream which is more than worthy to pursue. All the images you see on the products in this website are hand painted and most of the pieces are mixed media, using watercolour on paper, coloured pencils, ink etc. As a passionate reader,I am inspired by the books and comics I read, movies I watch and last but not least- real life.
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