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Meanwhile the apocalypse
My dear reader, so glad that you are here. Today I’d like to talk to you about loneliness, human’s...
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Feeling Home
Dear reader, Welcome to my blog/rambling! I can’t express how happy I’m that you stepped by on this...
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The Queen: my representation of faustian bargain// watercolours// nowhere girl collective prompt
What if a watercolour painting can tell a tale of a forbidden bargain? So many times I’ve wondered...
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Looking for inspiration. part 2
My dear reader, welcome to my place for art, where I’m constantly learning and searching for inspiration....
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Lose yourself in...
Dear reader, Life is an interesting thing. At 4 in the morning you can listen to the news in a gloomy...
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Love is...
Love is ..
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let's talk about my secrets of inspiration
Let’s talk about inspiration. This incredible force that can turn the wheel in different direction. Would...
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My first art exhibition
Dear reader, I would love to share with you an emotional moment of my life – my first art exhibition....
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Blooming Flower
Blooming flower
I love to think of life as a constant moving circle rather than a straight line of doom. And the Spring...
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I’ve decided to pick up that title for this painting, simply to emphasize on the wolf, not so much on...
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