let’s talk about my secrets of inspiration

Let’s talk about inspiration. This incredible force that can turn the wheel in different direction. Would it be a certain aesthetic, visual or audio stimuli, green leaf or a shopping list. Follow it and see wherever it will take you. Inspiration comes in different forms and shapes. For me changing the course of life, being in a place completely unknown or a good book can do magic in terms of inspiration. And today I would like to share one of these secrets with you.

Although I really love black and white simplicity in a graphic piece of art, life, as well as human being, is far more complicated. And if you know me and my art, you already know that I enjoy exploring the realms of light but also its absence- the darkness. What if I tell you that in a place resembled and being described as “Glorious Eden” lie 9 circles of Hell, as described in Dante’s Inferno? And no, this is not a travel guide to Hell and back, to be able to appreciate the Paradise or vice versa. This is an inspiration for a young artist and poet.

Alright I won’t torture you anymore. This magnetic place, full of dense foliage with a rich botanical diversity, forests including Atlantic and Mediterranean species, amazing sights that inspired the great Lord Byron is called – Sintra, Portugal.  The English poet gave it the name – Glorious Eden in his poem “Childe Harold’s Pilgrimage”. Stopping the breath sights of incredible nature and magnificent castles, reflecting the human’s passion for beauty. But you probably wonder how in the middle of the paradise is situated Hell? Let me tell you.

Near the historical center of Sintra is located Quinta da Regaleira. Beautiful palace, surrounded by densely treed park, that features lakes, fountains and incredible symbolic structures. Through the park, crossing like arteries, pumping green blood, run mystical and enigmatic tunnels. They can lead you to the majestic Initiation Well, representing the circles of Hell in Dante’s Inferno. This view still roams my vivid dreams and appears in my art in many forms.

Allow yourself the luxury to get lost in the darkness of the Regaleira tunnels. If you don’t find your inspiration, I am sure you’ll finally find something far more important – yourself.   

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