I’ve decided to pick up that title for this painting, simply to emphasize on the wolf, not so much on the girl. But maybe we have to combine them in the bigger picture in our heads, as they are brother and sister.

Hello there,

And welcome to my safe space for art and weird thoughts, peppered with some fairy dust. As I already mentioned, the wolf was the primary accent of my latest painting. It is interesting for me how, for centuries, this animal had played the role of the villain in almost every story. Although in some of the early western stories the wolf is depicted as a nurturing figure, which is later adopted by some authors, a great example of them is Rudyard Kipling and his “Jungle book”.

 Fear and a variety of superstitions formed a bloodthirsty monster, connected with the devil himself. Which can be explained in some ways by the representation of Jesus as a lamb, all of us as part of God’s flock and of course the importance of the sheep in the human lives during the middle ages.

I would also like to remind you that the wolves’ behavior is often so similar to human’s. Yes, we do live in families and used to hunt together and protect each other.  So I decided to demonstrate and explore this human-animal connection through my art.

My main characters are believed to be brother and sister, part of a loving family. As the young wolf is hurt during the hunt, his sister gently helps him get up and soon will heal his wounds. This is an unwritten story about compassion, family bonds and loyalty. Although we people forget it sometimes, we are creatures on Planet Earth, so as the ant, so as the wolf. In the past, persecution of wolves was encouraged even by law but today we can see that the excessive hunting of wolves puts the natural ecosystem out of balance.

I want to believe that even in the world we live in today, there is a place for compassion, goodness and some rationality.

Thank you for stepping by and hope you enjoyed my art and the notes surrounding it.



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