Blooming flower

I love to think of life as a constant moving circle rather than a straight line of doom. And the Spring reminds me of that even in my darkest days. Even after the coldest winter, when everything seems way too pale and dead, comes the Spring with her charms, colours and sweet smells. Many stories were told of the seasons long ago and I couldn’t help it but notice that they are presented as women most of the time. I don’t know if it is about the power we have or the unpredictability, but here we are living among goddesses – cruel and tender nature beings.

So let me introduce you my Spring, my Blooming flower and her amazing transformation. The flower on top I chose to be Protea, south african flower called also “sugar bushes”. The purple center of the flower could be interpreted as a well of powers and wisdom. Like most of the valuable things are presented to be in the center of something. Also this part of the flower brings the information about the life itself, brings the genetic code and shows her true identity.

It is not a coincidence that the Nature herself is presented as a woman. I love to use this motive in my paintings, it reminds me of old folk tales and lifts up my confidence.  Here is the time to tell you that this artwork is dedicated to all women out there, chasing their dreams! Women who chose not to believe in the word “impossible”.

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