Italy escape

Dear reader!

I have a confession to make. I did it again… I escaped reality in gorgeous Italy!

Amalfi coast

There are many reasons why we people need some time off from everything. And we are not talking about the annual holiday, everyone’s trying to collect money for. That here is a real escape, a remedy for mental health, changing mindset… collecting memories like sea shells.

I chose messy hair over messy mind and packed for a new destination. And to be honest, I had to run away from the dreary weather. That damp coldness stuck to my bones, clouds covering up everything, even the path to my dreams. Only for a week. “Thanks, responsibilities and adulthood!’…

Still, I managed to capture on camera some of the beauty, not only to entertain you but to have it there like a journal entry, to remind myself I had beautiful warm days! But I guess the camera was not enough, so I reached out for the good old sketchbook. Watching my simple sketch I hope you’ll see the Amalfi coast the way I did. Because it will never be the same, Everything might look the same, but we all know that it will never be. The boats arranged in exactly the same order, casting shadows over the calm sea. people chatting about Picasso and beer behind me and me, sitting and really trying to believe that I am there.

If you want to see some glimpses of that you can watch the video, if not , you just have to believe me.



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