Feeling Home

Dear reader,

Welcome to my blog/rambling! I can’t express how happy I’m that you stepped by on this page!

Today I would like to talk about home and what we consider to be it, but think global. Isolated from the world in our little bubble of pleasant colours, smells and sometimes people, we tend to forget that we are actually on Planet Earth. Except of course, if our brains play tricks on us but this is another topic for another time.

Being one with nature, if you’ve seen my art, is one of the topics that I really like to explore with my art. Maybe because I miss being around nature, maybe because I’ve grown up or some other unknown reason, I am more fascinated by it than ever. But this time, I would like to express something quite different in the main subject. Most of my women-like nature creatures are serene, express calmness, sometimes power and vitality. Well, not for today’s case. This one you can see here is seeking help. Nature does seek help. From us, probably… But do we listen?

Art creation was always the language we, people used to express feelings, to tell that something’s wrong without saying it. And in that chain of thoughts – art for art’s sake won’t have any impact whatsoever. So this time, when I was given a task to create a Spring-related woman-like Nature creature, I wanted to show that something’s wrong. And not only we, normal people have to think about that but I guess the change has to come from the “insignificant” individual, who fights for existing…  I am not sure if I succeeded in expressing all these feelings and thoughts in just one painting but I tried. 

Green blood is running through her veins, popping up in her green eyes, to remind us of all the woods gone. Emerging from the swamp, like fighting with it, fighting to get out or just waves you to stop, to think about it. Think about these birds, nesting, building a home. One of them could be you, could be me, as we are building our homes here, on the same planet.

Thank you my dear reader if you’ve read it all, if not, thank you for stepping by! Hope you enjoyed this piece of art.

Till next time!



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