Down the rabbit hole

Maybe going down into the rabbit hole isn’t so bad after all. Maybe helps you to find yourself, not so much to change but to wake up.

The white rabbit is a powerful muse for a lot of artists and as I most of the time call myself an artist, it didn’t pass me. In New year’s eve my imagination led methrough that wonderful book by Lewis Carroll – Alice’s adventures in Wonderland. I couldn’t help myself but ask- why now?

He was staring at me from the unfinished sketch, begging for some colour, waiting for me to run after him. In my brain colours, fighting one another started to form a frame and I just left the room. This artist doesn’t like frames. Just rabbits in teacups and cats in boxes.

With my arrival back, I sensed that gaze once again and I entered Chapter two.

Every brushstroke, every diluted colour led me into the woods of curiosity. With so many questions falling off the trees I forgot the important one. Eventually I had to leave the forest, as I smelled smoke, sweet and suffocating. Rushed through the stairs and after a few fruitless minutes attempting to revive the severely burnt body of the Holiday dinner, I gave up all hope.

At the top floor, the door of my studio remained open, I picked up the red apple revealing the most important question –

“Who in the world am I?”

Is it world or is it me?

This world actively challenges my comprehension of it, my senses, my morals and nothing is constant and nothing is clear. We are not living in the nonsense; we are part of it.

But when the things get desperate, this rabbit appears again to show me the way.

I took a bite from the apple, caught the brush and the rest you know it.

Inspirations: “Alice’s adventures in Wonderland

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